Kinzi Digital Electronic Scale,Precision Bathroom Scale with“Step-On”Technology, Weight Controller, 400 lb. 180 kg Weighing Range with Extra Large Lighted Display

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Created by: DULALA

 : Kinzi Digital Electronic Scale,Precision Bathroom Scale with“Step-On”Technology, Weight Controller, 400 lb. 180 kg Weighing Range with Extra Large Lighted Display

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Color: Silver
Publishing Label: DULALA
Created by: DULALA
MPN: DU-1001
Made by: DULALA
Company name: DULALA


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Product Review:

Product Description:

Kinzi high precision bathroom electronic scale: utilize 4 high-sensitivity, high-accuracy pressure sensor and 0.1kg/0.2lb high precision to provide a more authoritative and reliable figures for you. Built with sturdy, fashionable and toughened glass and 3.3 inches large LCD display, you can read the data accurately easily, either in the day or at night!

Active and Sensitive "cat"
Kinzi bathroom electronic scale's four high sensitive sensor with high accuracy is like a cat, which can easily capture the weight information and accurate feedback to you. The accuracy of 0.1kg/0.2lb precision indication and automatic calibration function can let you get your ideal data in just a few seconds. It is effective and trustworthy.

Sturdy and Solid Steel Platform
Are you worried about trampling it? This digital scale is made of 8mm thick, 12" x 13" high intensity tempered glass platform, The maximum pressure is 180 kg/400lb, which ensures you to use it safely on any hard and flat surface.

Large and Energy-saving 3.3 inches LCD Display
Extra-large LCD screen shows stable and clear numbers, making it easy to read and bright enough to see in the dark. In addition, the auto power off feature can extend the battery life and offer you better convenience. When the low battery or overload situation happens, you can get the information quickly and deal with it accordingly.

Graduation: 0.1kg/0.2lb
Weight Capacity: 4kg/9lb - 180kg/400 lb
LCD Display: 3.3"
Steel Glass Size: 12"x13". Thick: 8mm
Function: Low battery/ Overload indication; Auto on/Off/ Zero

Package information:
1 x Kinzi body weight scale
1 x User Manual

1. For best accuracy, please lay the digital on hard and flat surface, and stand on the central area. Avoid carpet or soft surface.
2. Use battery type: 2 x CR 2032 Button Electron

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