PS3 controller Wireless Bluetooth Double Shock Sixaxis Remote Gamepad for Sony PS3 PlayStation 3-Street Graffiti 3-5 years old Gift from dainslef

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Created by: dainslef

 : PS3 controller Wireless Bluetooth Double Shock Sixaxis Remote Gamepad for Sony PS3 PlayStation 3-Street Graffiti 3-5 years old Gift from dainslef's Current Sale Price: $16.99
good on 02/25/2018 08:53 EST

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Backing: Electronics
Brand: Dainslef
Color: Graffiti
International Article Number: 0737353088583
Publishing Label: dainslef
Created by: dainslef
Model: ds-p3-Graffiti
MPN: ds-p3-Graffiti
Made by: dainslef
Company name: dainslef


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Product Review:

Product Description:


High quality wireless Bluetooth Six AxisDualshock Game Controller for PS3.

Package included: 1 x game controller  1 x Charge cable    1 x Pair of Thumbstic Grips


A.How to turn on/off?

The controller will start when you press the round button or connect with computer by date cable. It will turn off when it takes 5 minutes after it disconnect.If it can not stop work after a longtime, please plug the date cable in computer then pull it out,thus it will power off.

B. How to charge?

(1)Connect with computer without driver,the4 lights will flicker and extinguish when it is fully charged.

(2)Connect with computer with driver,the NO1 light will flicker and extinguish when it is fully charged.

(3)Attention please: do not use cellphone's charger to charge it ,since cell phone's voltage is more higher ,which may damage the controller.

C.Which devices are compatible with this item.

Most of Android cellphones; pad of Android;computer installed windows system; not compatible with Android TV.

This item is mainly used for PS3,if you need use via computer,you must upgrade it.

D.How to connect without wire.

First,connection with the cable 

Second, pull the cable out, at this time,the controller will be connecting.

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