Order of the Eastern Star OES Black Plastic License Plate Frame Greek Fraternity Letter For Front Back of Car

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Created by: Desert Cactus

 : Order of the Eastern Star OES Black Plastic License Plate Frame Greek Fraternity Letter For Front Back of Car

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Brand: Greek Life Stuff
Color: Black
International Article Number: 4893463156591
Size of Product: 251200600
Publishing Label: Desert Cactus
Created by: Desert Cactus
Made by: Desert Cactus
Company name: Desert Cactus


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Product Description:
Exclusively Designed Sorority Products

Do you want a great looking, officially licensed, exclusively designed Order of the Eastern Star OES Black Plastic License Plate Frame that are the perfect way to show your pride for your Sorority? The Desert Cactus Black Plastic License Plate Frame are exclusively designed, produced to exact specifications and are official Order of the Eastern Star OES License Plate Frames. They are manufactured to the highest possible standards, easy to affix and the Black Plastic License Plate Frame is the perfect design to display your pride for your fraternity, sorority or college.


Standard license plate frame size

An awesome Black Plastic License Plate Frame set that looks great and can be displayed on any car

If you want a stylish, official Black Plastic License Plate Frame as a gift for someone special, we're here to make sure you get nothing but the best. Desert Cactus has the largest selection of Sorority products available on the market today. Quality as well as amazing value for money and this item allows you to support your sorority, fraternity house or organization by purchasing Officially Licensed.


Not completely satisfied? We'll make it right, no questions asked. All of our products have our 30-day return policy which means you can experience your new Order of the Eastern Star OES Black Plastic License Plate Frame risk-free. Click the, "Add to Cart" button now and show your true colors stylishly.

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