New Order True Faith fitted jersey tee (XL)

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Created by: New Order

 : New Order True Faith fitted jersey tee (XL)

Normally Sells at: $21.00's Current Sale Price: $12.37
What you will Save: $8.63 (41%)
good on 03/16/2018 20:24 EDT

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Backing: Apparel
Brand: Impact
Size of Clothing: X-Large
Color: Cool Blue
Department: mens
International Article Number: 0841846116995
Size of Product: 50
Publishing Label: New Order
Created by: New Order
MPN: b72t4x-75393-43754
How Many Items: 1
Made by: New Order
Size: X-Large
Company name: New Order


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Product Description:
Officially Licensed Merchandise. Music, Sports & Entertainment Merchandise. Quality Products, Detailed Graphic Artwork Design. All graphic design, printing, production, and order fulfillment are done under one roof at Impact Merchandising.

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