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artist: New Order

 : NOMC15's Current Sale Price: $18.74
good on 03/17/2018 14:05 EDT

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Backing: Audio CD
International Article Number: 0724596970225
Size of Product: 4904020560
Publishing Label: Mute
What Languages: EnglishOriginal Language
Created by: Mute
How Many Discs: 2
How Many Items: 2
Made by: Mute
Released on Dec 15, 2017
Company name: Mute

Disk 1:
  1. Introduction: Das Rheingold - Vorspiel (Wagner) [Live]
  2. Singularity (Live)
  3. Ceremony (Live)
  4. Crystal (Live)
  5. 586 (Live)
  6. Restless (Live)
  7. Lonesome Tonight (Live)
  8. Your Silent Face (Live)
  9. Tutti Frutti (Live)
  10. People On The High Line (Live)
  11. Bizarre Love Triangle (Live)
Disk 2:
  1. Waiting For The Siren's Call (Live)
  2. Plastic (Live)
  3. The Perfect Kiss (Live)
  4. True Faith (Live)
  5. Temptation (Live)
  6. Atmosphere (Live)
  7. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)
  8. Blue Monday (Live)
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Product Review:

Product Description:
New Order have announced a new live album, NOMC15, recorded at Brixton Academy in 2015 following the release of their most recent studio LP (and Mute debut) "Music Complete". It features a set consisting of tracks from the new album, as well as cuts from their back catalog and songs by Joy Division.

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