Mpow Gaming Keyboard, Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard with Breathing Light Mode, 19 Anti-ghosting 14 Multimedia Buttons, Switchable WASD and Arrow Keys for Gaming and Typing

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Created by: Mpow

 : Mpow Gaming Keyboard, Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard with Breathing Light Mode, 19 Anti-ghosting 14 Multimedia Buttons, Switchable WASD and Arrow Keys for Gaming and Typing's Current Sale Price: $27.99
good on 02/24/2018 18:46 EST

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Backing: Electronics
Brand: Mpow
Color: Multicoloured
Publishing Label: Mpow
Created by: Mpow
Made by: Mpow
Company name: Mpow


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Product Review:

Product Description:

Unique & Cool

Cool appearance with smooth and clear line,especially suitable for games. Lacer carving double-color keycaps allow character transmission effect.  

High-quality and Removable Keycaps

Made of high strength ABS plastic, the caps are durable enough for gaming. You can plug the caps gently and clean the inner part irregularly, no need to worry about dust and smudge.Moreover, anti skid wrist rest helps you to reduce fatigue while playing games.

Multiple Uses

No matter you are office workers, students or game enthusiasts, this keyboard is perfect for you to enjoy all kinds of fun or study.

Easy to Operate

No driver needed, you can simply connect the USB cable and computer, then wait for a few seconds for the system to install the driver automatically. You can press the LED button to turn on/off the back light of the keyboard, rotate the dial on the top of the keyboard to adjust the levels of brightness.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with Windows 2000/ME/XP/7/8/10, Vista, Mac.

Professional Gaming Equipment

With 19 anti-ghosting buttons,the signals simultaneously sent by these 19 buttons won't be confused. Press "Fn" firstly and then "Win" to lock the function of"Win", needless of worrying about interruption of games. 


Color: Rainbow (7 color)

Working Voltage:4.5-5.25V

Working Current: ≤300mA

Button Lifespan: over10,000,000 times

Keyboard Size:18.3in(L)*7.56in(W)*1.18±0.08in(H)

Package Contents

Keyboard X 1

User Manual X 1

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