Lahyra Newborn Baby Girl Boy Short Sleeve Romper Letter Print Bodysuit Onesies (White, 0-6 Months)

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 : Lahyra Newborn Baby Girl Boy Short Sleeve Romper Letter Print Bodysuit Onesies (White, 0-6 Months)'s Current Sale Price: $1.79
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Backing: Apparel
Brand: Lahyra
Color: White
Department: baby-boys
International Article Number: 0662004920809
Size: 0-6 Months


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Product Description:
★ Size: 70--Age: 0-6M--Length: 35cm--Bust*2: 23.5cm
★ Size: 80--Age: 6-12M--Length: 38cm--Bust*2: 25cm
★ Size: 90--Age: 12-18M--Length: 41cm--Bust*2: 26.5cm
★ Size: 100--Age: 18-24M--Length: 44cm--Bust*2: 28cm

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