Intermatic ET1125C 24-Hour 30-Amp Electronic Time Switch, 120-277 VAC, NEMA 1

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Created by: Intermatic

 : Intermatic ET1125C 24-Hour 30-Amp Electronic Time Switch, 120-277 VAC, NEMA 1

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Backing: Tools & Home Improvement
Brand: Intermatic
Color: Gray
International Article Number: 0078275109957
Size of Product: 800310280530
Publishing Label: Intermatic
Created by: Intermatic
Model: ET1125C
MPN: ET1125C
How Many Items: 1
Made by: Intermatic
Size: 2-Circuit/30-Amp Rating
Company name: Intermatic
Warranty: 1 Year, replace unit, no labor


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Product Review:

Product Description:
The Intermatic ET1125C Electronic 24 Hour Timer Switch is a great daily timer that supports up to 14 on and 14 off events per day. ET1125C automatically loads the preset events within the daily schedule with to-the-minute accuracy. It can be used as an on/off timer in applications requiring 24-hour load control such as pumps, air conditioning systems, lighting, etc. The ET1125C also has a manual on/off override switch. It is designed to directly switch tungsten or ballast loads within its rating, and inductive loads or resistive loads up to 30A at 120, 208, 240 or 277 VAC. It features an automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment and includes a limited one-year manufacturer warranty.

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