Chill House: Downtempo Electronic Chillout

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artist: Various

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Backing: Audio CD
International Article Number: 0792755589427
Size of Product: 5050019575
Publishing Label: Green Hill Productions
What Languages: EnglishPublishedEnglishUnknown
Created by: Green Hill Productions
Model: 27406739
MPN: 11163282
How Many Discs: 1
How Many Items: 1
Published Date: Aug 27, 2013
Made by: Green Hill Productions
Released on Aug 27, 2013
Company name: Green Hill Productions

Disk 1:
  1. Cloudy Eyes (Style Project)
  2. G3 (Tripssono)
  3. Don't You Baby (Dew)
  4. Comfort Zone (Sound Behaviour)
  5. It's A Shame (E-Mulation)
  6. Deep Breath ((+) Comfort)
  7. The Exit (Orleya Kas)
  8. Beautiful Angel (Obeka Lee)
  9. Rhodes Chill ((+) Comfort)
  10. Nude Study (Urban Lab)
  11. Please Say Goodbye (Dew)
  12. Ocean Jewel (Astrovoid)
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Product Description:
Downtempo Electronic Chillout

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