Chiffon Diaper Cover and Matching Baby Headband Set - Old Rose Pink Bloomer with Ruffles - Newborn Girl Photo Props for Photography

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Created by: Custom Photo Props

 : Chiffon Diaper Cover and Matching Baby Headband Set - Old Rose Pink Bloomer with Ruffles - Newborn Girl Photo Props for Photography's Current Sale Price: $30.50
good on 02/24/2018 18:34 EST

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Backing: Electronics
Brand: Custom Photo Props
Color: Old Rose Chiffon
Department: baby-girls
Size of Product: 10600600
Publishing Label: Custom Photo Props
Created by: Custom Photo Props
MPN: old-rose-set-FBA
Made by: Custom Photo Props
Size: Newborn
Company name: Custom Photo Props


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Product Review:

Product Description:
This mauve chiffon ruffle diaper cover with matching headband for a baby girl is simply adorable! Whether you plan to use this in a photo shoot or just an adorable outfit you are sure to get a lot of compliments on how cute she is!

This listing is for the SET of the diaper cover and matching headband.

The diaper cover is soft and the fabric has a nice stretch to it.

This diaper cover fits newborn size.

This headband is handmade with a crocheted mohair band and a flower/bow adorned with a beautiful pearl surrounded by small "diamonds" in the middle.

The crocheted mohair band has no stretch to it. The headband is approx. 22 inches long and has an open back which can be tied and adjusted for a more custom fit to baby's head.

Shannon Bower Photography.

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