Beistle 54666 Arcade Video Game Centerpiece, 10", Multicolor

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Created by: Beistle

 : Beistle 54666 Arcade Video Game Centerpiece, 10", Multicolor's Current Sale Price: $7.00
good on 02/24/2018 12:25 EST

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Backing: Kitchen
Brand: Beistle
Color: Multicolor
International Article Number: 0034689054160
Size of Product: 4251000350
Publishing Label: Beistle
Created by: Beistle
Model: 54666
MPN: 54666
How Many Items: 1
Made by: Beistle
Size: 10"
Company name: Beistle


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Product Description:
Beistle 54666 Arcade Video Game Centerpiece. This awesome centerpiece is made of printed board stock and measures 10 inches tall. Assembly is required. It is a great centerpiece to use for an 80's or 8-Bit themed party.

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