Aimes Deluxe Luxury LED Electronic Men Wristwatches Blue Binary Luminous Sports Watches with Date Silver

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Created by: Aimes

 : Aimes Deluxe Luxury LED Electronic Men Wristwatches Blue Binary Luminous Sports Watches with Date Silver

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Backing: Watch
Brand: Aimes
Color: Silver
Department: Unisex-adult
International Article Number: 0605175268608
Publishing Label: Aimes
Created by: Aimes
MPN: AMS6042
Made by: Aimes
Company name: Aimes


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Product Review:

Product Description:

* LED watches, stylish appearance, creative binary time mode dispaly.
* Double Open Stainless Steel Buckle, wear more convenient and solid.
* Precise Japanese Quarts movement and keep good time.
* Waterproof function (5AMT), please don't press any button in the water.
* Fashionable, very charming for all occasions. Amazing looking watch, a great gift for boyfriends.

Product Size
Mirror size: 2.9 * 1.5 cm (about 1.14 *0.59 inch)
Case Diameter: 3.0 * 5.5 cm (about 1.18 * 2.17 inch)
Case Thickness: 1.2 cm (about 0.47 inch)
Band Length: 23.0 cm (about 9.0 inch)
Band Width: 2.4 cm (about 0.94 inch)
Weight : 145 g

Package Includes:

* 1 x LED Stainless Steel Wristwatch
* 1 x Watch band link removing tool
* 1 x English Instruction

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If an item you want is on sale but it's out of stock, get a rain check.

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