80MM Thermal Receipt Kitchen Printer MUNBYN USB RS232 LAN 2048KB Bytes to Avoid Order Missing ESC/POS With Order Reminder Waterproof Oilproof

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Created by: MUNBYN

 : 80MM Thermal Receipt Kitchen Printer MUNBYN USB RS232 LAN 2048KB Bytes to Avoid Order Missing ESC/POS With Order Reminder Waterproof Oilproof

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Backing: Electronics
Color: Kitchen Printer
International Article Number: 0653334974440
Size of Product: 540780550
Publishing Label: MUNBYN
Created by: MUNBYN
Made by: MUNBYN
Company name: MUNBYN


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Product Review:

Product Description:
Warranty time: 24 months

1. Professional kitchen printer with sound and light indicator. It will send out sound and light after printing until cook remove the order receipt, so no worry about order missing even in noisy environment.
2. You can add Restaurant LOGO on every receipt from Setting Tool along with Printer Driver.
3. You can turn on/down/off the sound volume by DIP Switch below machine.
4. If you wanna connect the printer via LAN cable, you can set IP address with the guide of User Manual. We also have training video to show you. Please search "MUNBYN printer" on Youtube.


Printing method:Direct thermal
Printing speed:300mm/sec
Printing width:72mm
Paper diameter:79.5±0.5mm×φ80mm
Paper thickness:0.06~0.08mm
Auto cutter:Full/Partial
Power adaptor:DC 24V/2.5A
Cash drawer output:DC 24V/1A
Cutter lifespan:10 million times
Reliability print:100KM

Package content:

- 1 x Thermal Printer
- 1 x Printer Driver CD
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Power Adapter
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1 x Serial Cabel
- 1 x Thermal Paper Roll
- 1 x Color Package
- 1 x Protective Cover

You can download Printer Driver & User Manual:

You can download Ethernet Setting Guide at:

Guide about how to add IP port when using Ethernet port:

You can watch operation video on Youtube:

If you have any operation question, please contact us for TeamViewer service. Our technician will help you setup within 6 hours.

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